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On February 15, 2011, in Hot Topic, by admin

Fox Investigates some hardcore hackers. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Incoming search terms:4chan card standcard stand 4chan4chan cardstandcardstand4chan new york cardstandanonymous cardstandCARDSTAND new york knocked overcard stand knocked overcardstand 4chananon card stand

Fox Investigates some hardcore hackers.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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25 Responses to “4chan on Fox”

  1. TheRazorice says:


  2. amunago says:

    Fucking trol;

  3. beallhigh26 says:

    @prsurici24 BACKTRACING! NEVER THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111one!

  4. beallhigh26 says:

    @Cel3ry so you’re no different than the “4chan faggots”, eh faggot.

  5. XM8rifle says:

    truly epic lulz

  6. joelmager2 says:

    @tank1demon home page is down, but you can go straight to whatever board you want

  7. onewithforce0050 says:

    anonymous gets BIG LULZ

  8. tank1demon says:

    is the site being ddosed again? Can’t get access

  9. iluvtdi12 says:


  10. GrandxFinal3 says:


  11. Cel3ry says:

    I hacked like 90 4chan faggots.

  12. prsurici24 says:

    -tracking down anonymous members
    -anonymous members

    How does i track someone who is anonymous?

  13. revoprod says:

    FOX news, enough said

  14. NorthEndSoul says:

    This is bullshit, 4chan is a imageboard that thousands of people use everyday, this video made it look like its a secret underground website for hackers only…

  15. motherfackingsob says:

    oh my fox, I wonder if anyone actually watches fox for the “news”

  16. lilblake90 says:

    man ive been on 4chan and yes some of em are douches but a lot of em are nice. wtf fox?

  17. mryuck206 says:

    they can’t even get a card stand knocked over more than once!

  18. mryuck206 says:

    in this video: people taking everything people on the internet say seriously.

  19. obscuregeisha says:

    dancing hitler 4realz

  20. OwnerViji09 says:

    Lol? The guy Commentating sound’s so fucking retarded.

  21. thefredbaker says:

    that dude so isn’t an “insider” he reckons anonymous won’t forget, give it a week and they will have moved on to someone else.

  22. Fuzzietomato1 says:

    God people on the news dont know shit

  23. MissForgettful says:

    @SonyCamry hai2u dot com

  24. nioor says:

    I laughed so hard at the van exploding with ‘demonstration’ written on it.

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