A View On Dads & Their Diaper Disasters

On March 18, 2014, in Celeb, by ayesha

Posted: March 18, 2014 by Lisa Estall From our friends at Mamiverse!


From our friends at Mamiverse!

We men like to maintain a facade of unflappability. Nothing… not the daily commute, a backed-up toilet, or the new puppy eating the brand new sofa, can upset our personal apple cart. Well, guys, it’s time to come clean (literally) because, deep down inside, all men know that there is one thing that can shatter our resolve like nothing else…diaper disasters!

That’s right! I’m a guy and I just admitted it. Dirty diapers gross me out! But, as every dad quickly finds out, sometimes it falls to the guy to change the diaper. Since babies are not known for “holding it” until it’s convenient for you, the full diaper often occurs in some awkward places. A while back, we polled our male readers to learn about their diaper disasters. A few brave male souls suspended their personal macho just long enough to share their stories with us. To make everything fair, I’ll also share one of my own first:

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