Ali Landry: “I Actually Really Enjoy Being Pregnant”

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Former Miss USA Ali Landry reprised her role as the face and “belly” of Palmer’s stretch mark products. The Hollywood mom, who just celebrated her third baby shower, posed for the ads with her two children, Estela, almost 6, and Marcelo, 20 months.


Former Miss USA Ali Landry reprised her role as the face and “belly” of Palmer’s stretch mark products. The Hollywood mom, who just celebrated her third baby shower, posed for the ads with her two children, Estela, almost 6, and Marcelo, 20 months.

Ali opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her role as “spokes-belly’ for Palmer’s stretch mark products and how her third pregnancy is going. She also shared a major baby shower highlight: getting foot massages from handsome Manly Handz representatives!

CBS: You reprised your role as the face and “spokes-belly” for Palmer’s stretch mark products.  Could you tell us about your role?

AL: “I did pretty much what I did last time; my belly is growing at a rapid rate, and Palmer’s products are really keeping those stretch marks at bay. I became a fan of Palmer’s products when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was looking through magazines and there were all these ads featuring some of my celebrity mom friends who were pregnant at the time. I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, they look so great pregnant! How brave of them to actually show off their bellies! I should really try these products.’

I started using Palmer’s products and really loved them. They moisturized my skin like no other product did. When I became pregnant with my son, I partnered with Palmer’s to do a campaign. I was so excited! Now I am on my third pregnancy and my children are in the spot. Our whole family uses Palmer’s products and we love them. I am ecstatic to work with them again!”

CBS: We heard your children joined you in the ads this year. Tell us more!

AL: “The ads basically promote healthy skin and showcase the stretch mark products, but you can use Palmer’s products whether or not you’re pregnant. It’s really just a regimen. I layer all of my products and encourage you to try them if you haven’t. Trust me, your skin will be more moisturized than ever before. I have products for my kids as well as my husband. They are wonderful.

I did the commercial with my little girl, who’s almost six years old, and my son, who was in my belly the last time I did the campaign. [laughs] They are actually in the spot this time, which is really exciting. The ads are also going to be in print, so the kids will see themselves in magazines.”

CBS: How is your third pregnancy going? How is it different from your other two? With the last two being ‘biters,’ will you give breastfeeding another try?

AL: “It’s going great! I am about two weeks away from my due date, and I actually really enjoy being pregnant and I enjoy the birth process. I love the whole thing. It’s been wonderful. The only thing that is a little different with this pregnancy is that I am running around after two children instead of one.

I shot the same commercial with Palmer’s just two years ago, so Marcelo is still very much a baby and wants me to hold him all the time. Sometimes that is tough, because I am carrying an extra twenty pounds and a baby inside, and then I have one sitting on top of the belly. That can sometimes be a little difficult.

In regard to whether I will give breastfeeding another try, of course I will. I think it will be tough this time, because my son is so young and he’s very attached to me. However, the bond you create with your child while you’re nursing is incredible. I would not want to deprive this child of that, because the other two siblings have had it. It definitely has its challenges, because it’s a commitment on the mother’s part. However, there are so many wonderful benefits to breastfeeding as well.”

CBS: You just had your baby shower. Please share some of the highlights

AL: “The baby shower was wonderful! It was such a great time. I had most of the products that I needed, because I kept everything for my daughter and for my son. It was really just the celebration of a new family member coming into this world. I got together with some of my dearest friends. They say it takes a village to raise children, and the people that are in my life really helped nurture our family and helped me with our children. They are a huge support system for us. The baby shower was all about having them all together and enjoying each other.

A huge highlight for all of us was having the company Manly Handz in attendance. There were these really handsome men giving foot massages to all my guests. [laughs] We felt very, very pampered. I think that was the highlight of the whole baby shower.” [laughs]

CBS: Is Estela excited to be a big sister to a second little brother or is she a little concerned about all that ‘boy’ energy? What are Estela and Marcelo up to nowadays?

AL: “Estela is excited to have a new baby and she loves my belly, but her brother is a handful. Although she adores him when they play together and she loves him, he’s a lot. She likes to stay in the house, play with her dolls, and watch her princess movies, but he wants to be outside. He climbs and he’s rough, so it’s just a different energy. I think she’s a little concerned to have two of them.

It was a big week for Estella, as she graduated kindergarten the day after we shot the Palmer’s commercial. That was a really big deal to her. They rehearsed a big performance with the whole school, which was a huge surprise for us. She was very excited. She was ecstatic to do the commercial with me and work with Palmer’s. She feels like she actually has a job and she keeps telling me she wants to buy a red car. [laughs]  Estela is going to summer camp most of the summer, and her grandparents are coming to visit. Even though it will be a bit chaotic with the new baby in the house and the new adjustment, she is going to have a wonderful summer.

Marcelo is learning how to swim this summer. We had him in Infant Swim Resource, which is a swim survival technique for children. If they ever fall in the water, they know they have to go into a ‘float’ position and get themselves on the side. He’s only twenty months old, so it’s amazing to see him get in the water and actually swim. That was a big commitment; it was an everyday thing that I did for three months with him.  He’s learned how to swim and now he’s learning how to talk. He looks at my belly and says, ‘Ball,’ so he has no idea there is a baby in there.” [laughs]

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