Chris Brown Doesn’t Get Why People Keep Telling Him To Relax

In a lengthy post on his private Instagram, Chris Brown complained about how people keep telling him to relax all the time and ignore what people are saying about him, his fight with Frank Ocean and the latest news that prosecutors believe he violated probation by not completing his community service.

Did The Hobbit Kill 27 Animals? PETA Vs. Peter Jackson

We’re just starting to get excited for the epic epicness that will be Peter Jackson’ s The Hobbit movies, but the latest news about the production may just put a damper on our Middle-earth love. Yesterday, PETA released info to The Associated Press alleging that 27 horses, sheep, goats and chickens had died during the production due to dangerous conditions at the farm where they were housed. PETA’s sources described hazardous bluffs and embankments that killed two horses, overcrowded stables, worm infestations that killed sheep and goats, and the mauling of chickens by out-of-control dogs on the property

Salma Hayek Reports From Bizarre Alternate Reality: “I Am On The Limit Of Chubbiness”

Poor Salma Hayek ! It must be hard to live in a strange world where all of your coworkers and neighbors are actively trying to have the BMI of a wooden marionette just to look good on-camera. It would be enough to make any gorgeous actress doubt her own jaw-dropping curvaceousness. “I am on the limit of chubbiness because I love my food and my wine,” the Savages actress claims in her Harper’s Bazaar UK interview .

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