Hilaria Baldwin: “Carmen Is An Absolute Blessing”

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Hilaria Baldwin has sure been one busy first-time mama! She just released her Home With Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-To-Be Prenatal Yoga DVD that helps expectant women “feel much better” throughout their pregnancy. The four-part DVD even has a “partner stretches” section that features her husband, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin

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Hilaria Baldwin has sure been one busy first-time mama! She just released her Home With Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-To-Be Prenatal Yoga DVD that helps expectant women “feel much better” throughout their pregnancy. The four-part DVD even has a “partner stretches” section that features her husband, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin!

Hilaria opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about what inspired her prenatal yoga DVD, how she lost all of the baby weight, and how her “incredible” and “bossy” 1-month-old daughter, Carmen, is doing. She goes on to share the biggest surprises she has experienced as a first-time mom.

CBS: Tell us all about your new prenatal yoga DVD. What inspired you to do the DVD? Where are they available for purchase?

HB: “The DVD has four parts to it. One part focuses on relieving back pain and strengthening the core. Another part of the DVD focuses on hip openers and releasing into the hips. There is also a 10-minute section that de-stresses and relaxes you. If you’re very stressed out and need 10 minutes to get it together, this part of the DVD will make you feel much better. There is also a partner stretching part that my husband helped me with. It teaches you easy partner stretches.

I was inspired to do the DVD because I believe that I had a very healthy pregnancy and I felt really great throughout the whole experience. I wanted to share some of what I was doing, because it worked so well for me. I hope it will help other people as well.

The DVD is available for purchase at Amazon.com.”

CBS: What was your favorite part about filming the DVD?

HB: “I loved the feeling that I had in knowing that the DVD can help a lot of people. Doing the yoga while pregnant was really great, and it helped me have a wonderful delivery and an incredible post-partum transformation. I know it’s my DVD, but I am definitely a fan of it because it all worked for me.”

CBS: How often did you practice yoga during your pregnancy? 

HB: “I practiced yoga throughout my pregnancy until the day before I delivered. I didn’t have time to do yoga the day that I delivered, because I went into labor very early in the morning. However, practicing yoga during my pregnancy really helped me a lot.”

CBS: We’ve seen you out and about with baby Carmen, and it looks like you’ve lost all of the baby weight already! Have you? Do you attribute your post-baby body to prenatal yoga? Please elaborate. 

HB: “I definitely attribute my post-baby body to the prenatal yoga. I have gone back to working out, but my workouts are very light. A lot of the transformation can also be attributed to what my body has been doing naturally. I was in shape before and I tried to stay in pre-Mommy shape throughout the pregnancy. Obviously, you need to get bigger and heavier when you’re pregnant. My baby was 7 pounds 10 ounces, so that’s a pretty big baby. Now I’ve been feeling really great. I’ve been mostly just breastfeeding, practicing yoga, and doing bar classes. It’s been great.”

CBS: Does Alec enjoy doing yoga with you? Do you think your healthy lifestyle has rubbed off on him? 

HB: “Yes. I always think he should do more yoga than he actually does, but we love to work out together. He’s definitely been practicing more yoga than he did before he knew me. [laughs] I do think my healthy lifestyle rubbed off on him a little.” 

CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter Carmen! How is she doing? What kind of baby is she? Are you getting any rest?

HB: “Right now she is sitting on my lap and staring out the window. She is doing very well! She’s pretty incredible. Every single day she changes and gets more aware. She’s a good little girl and we’re very happy and very blessed to have her.

We’re still learning about what kind of baby she is. I think she is bossy…both Alec and I have a very strong opinion about things and I think she definitely has that personality trait. She’s a great baby. She sleeps pretty well, but she wakes up every two to three hours to be fed, so we’re not getting a lot of sleep at this point. However, it’s pretty lovely when you’re waking up for that reason. She’s a really good girl who smiles a lot now and I think she has the beginnings of a little laugh. It’s been an incredible experience.”

CBS: How has motherhood been so far? What has been the biggest surprise? Biggest challenge? Greatest moment?

HB: “I think the biggest surprise of motherhood is just the reality of it and how much you can really love this little person. She is such a sweetheart. People told me I was going to love my baby more than I could ever understand, and I almost didn’t believe them. However, they were absolutely right. Carmen is an absolute blessing.

On a more personal level, I was surprised at how fast the body can go back after the pregnancy. I was pretty big with the baby, but my body went back pretty soon after the delivery. I am not completely back to where I was before, but I am pretty close. It’s feels amazing.

To me, the biggest challenge is that you start to worry as soon as you have a baby. I want her to be happy and a lot of it is realizing you’re not in control of everything. You can only do your very best and a lot of it is letting go. It’s scary how fast they change. It’s incredible, because she’s still such a little baby who just turned one month, but I still think to myself, ‘Oh, she’s growing up so fast!’ People say that you blink and all of a sudden your kid is eighteen and going off to college, so I’m trying to enjoy every single moment.

Every moment with her is so special. It sounds silly, but one really special moment with her was when they gave her to me. We didn’t record my birth, because that was something that I wanted to remember but not record. However, he did use my iPhone to record the moment she was given to me. I wasn’t thinking about anything other than her. A few days later, I was looking through photos and I found the recording that they did. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to have your baby put in your arms. It’s unbelievable. It’s also so incredible whenever she smiles and giggles. It’s all so amazing, even waking up with her at 2 a.m. is wonderful.”

CBS: It seems you get along great with your stepdaughter Ireland. Please tell us about your relationship and how you all blend your family so well. 

HB: “I am lucky that she is a wonderful person.”

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