Last Lap: What’s Got Kristen Stewart Shaking In Her Boots?

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Who’s up for a Razzie this year?

Kristen Stewart

Who’s up for a Razzie this year? George Clooney pulls an epic prank on Matt Damon, and Lena Dunham hints at how Girls might end.

  • Kristen Stewart has done love stories before, but her next romantic film role has her “terrified.” The actress admitted that her part in Equals feeds into such a deep narrative, she’s not completely sure she can pull it off. We’re here to encourage you, K. Stew! [PopSugar]
  • Now that award season is totally upon us, we can’t forget about the Golden Raspberry Awards — though the nominees probably want to. So, who’s “leading” this year’s pack of bad films? Grown Ups 2 is the standout, with eight Razzie nominations. Ouch. [Los Angeles Times]
  • As hot as George Clooney is, we’re not sure if we’d want him as a pal, given his proclivity for pranks. Matt Damon talked about how George totally messed with his head while they were filming The Monuments Men. Apparently, Matt thought he was packing on some pounds, but George’s devious ways were behind the whole thing. [E!]
  • We’re already hooked on season three of Girls! So, where does Lena Dunham see her fierce foursome eventually ending up? [MTV News]

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