Seth Rogen went to Washington. D.C. on Wednesday, to speak before the Senate Appropriation Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services about Alzheimer’s research. Like many members of Hollywood before him, Rogen is using his notoriety for good, and has a close connection to the disease that affects over five million people in the United States alone.

After making a few opening jokes about why there should be a Knocked Up viewing party in D.C., Rogen began a heartfelt and detailed account of his relationship to Alzheimer’s. His mother-in-law was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s when she was 55 years old, and today both of his wife’s parents suffer from the disease. He chronicled the progress of the disease–beginning with his mother-in-law forgetting names and faces and eventually losing the ability to dress, eat or go to the bathroom by herself–as well as the shame that can still be felt by those who are currently suffering. In addition to likely wanting an advance copy of House of Cards Season 3, Rogen and his family want to see more help and resources dedicated to Alzheimer’s research. They’re doing their part so far, via Hilarity for Charity, the organization he and his wife Lauren Miller founded in 2011.

Whether fictional characters or real-life politicians, Hollywood’s influence can be felt all over Washington. Check out our list of politically-minded stars poised to hold public office one day.

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Source: Mr. Rogen Goes To Washington: Seth Rogen Makes Jokes In The Name Of Alzheimer’s Research

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