Submitted For Your Approval: The 10 Scariest Episodes Of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

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We slept with the light on for most of the ’90s, and we blame Are You Afraid of the Dark.


We slept with the light on for most of the ’90s, and we blame Are You Afraid of the Dark. Allegedly aimed at kids, the classic Nickelodeon show featured some of the most genuinely terrifying on-screen moments that we’ve ever seen to this day! Our impressionable young minds were probably permanently warped by the nightmare inducing scenes…but we loved every single minute of it and never missed an episode. With Halloween just around the corner, we’d decided that enough time has passed and we’re finally ready to revisit some favorite spooky episodes that have haunted our psyche for two decades. Our therapist says it’ll be good for us!

So now, submitted for the approval of the VH1 Celebrity Society, are our picks for the ten most frightening episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark. Head down below to check ‘em out! You’ll laugh at the goofy ’90s style, and you’ll cry at the horror-filled memories you’ve been repressing all this time. Go on. You didn’t want to sleep tonight, anyway…

10. “The Tale of the Captured Souls”  (Season 1, Episode 7)


This tale chronicles a family’s lakeside vacation that nearly goes deadly wrong. When Danielle’s family arrives at the leafy retreat, they meet Peter, the abnormally young inn keeper. The inn is covered with mirrors that shock whomever touches them due to “old wiring.” Because mirrors are usually wired, right? We come to learn that the mirrors are part of an elaborate scheme to drain the inn’s patrons of their souls, thus keeping Peter forever young. During their stay, Danielle and her family begin to feel lethargic and notice more than a couple new grey hairs. Danielle stumbles upon Peter’s “graveyard” where he’s chronicled all the souls he’s stolen over the years. The visual of the graveyard has haunted our dreams for 22 years. Danielle discovers Peter is behind all the strange shenanigans after discovering his soul-sucking lab. Peter offers Danielle the chance to join him in his quest for eternal youth, but instead she destroys his bizarre science project rendering him ancient, saving her parents from an early grave.

9. “The Tale of the Midnight Madness” (Season 2, Episode 2)


The dark can be scary, but movie theaters have gotta be safe, right? Wrong! We begin out story with an old fashioned movie palace teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Loyal employees Pete and Katie will do anything to save the old theater , but things seem hopeless. In walks the uber-creepy Dr.Vink (“with a veh—veh—veh”), who promises packed seats as long as they play his movies. Pete and Katie happily agree, yet soon welch on the deal. But these kids have messed with the wrong movie-schilling doctoral degree-holder. For revenge, Dr. Vink sends his most horrifying movie villain, the demon-vampire Nosferatu, through the movie screen and into the theater, where he terrorizes Pete and Katie with his long weird-looking fingers and wordless threats to suck their blood. A suspenseful chase ensues, before Pete hits on the bright idea of venturing through the projection screen and into the movie, where he destroys Nosferatu’s life-giving coffin. The kids escape with their blood, but in the end Dr. Vink gets the deed to the theater, promising even more terrifying tales to come…

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