Tamera Mowry-Housley: “Your Child Teaches You Life All Over Again”

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Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry-Housley and her twin sister Tia recently launched the new product line NEED, featuring healthy, organic products for moms and moms-to-be. Tamera will also join a talk show panel called The Real, airing on Fox in July.


Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry-Housley and her twin sister Tia recently launched the new product line NEED, featuring healthy, organic products for moms and moms-to-be. Tamera will also join a talk show panel called The Real, airing on Fox in July.

Tamera opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about NEED, her past fear of experiencing postpartum depression, and her “thriving and growing” son Aden, 7 months. The Tia & Tamera star also shares why sleep deprivation is her biggest challenge of motherhood!

CBS: What inspired you to start the new product line NEED? And why did you start with Milky!? 

TMH: “The line came out of a personal need I had as a mom. When you first become pregnant, especially with your first child, you’re overwhelmed with so many things that you want to get for your baby; you go to Babies “R” Us and you’re given this three to four page list of what to get, and you’re just overwhelmed. I wanted to cut to the chase and just get things I felt I truly needed.

Our line came from our personal experiences; Tia’s lack of having breast milk for her son birthed the need for Milky! The product also came from my personal experience, because I am a full-time-working mom and wanted to ensure that I sustained the right amount of milk for my son when he had his growth spurt. I thought it was great to use Milky! to simply maintain my milk.

Milky! was a no-brainer for us, mainly because doctors tell you that breast milk is the best thing for your child when he or she is born. Breast milk is the best milk babies could possibly get. The trend of eating healthy, organic, and natural foods is also on the rise, and nursing is the most organic and green way to feed your baby. That was why we decided to come up with Milky!

My sister and I didn’t stop there; we thought it would be really important to develop the brand from of all different types of need. We have MamaNeed and then we’ll have BabyNeed, then ToddlerNeed, and eventually DaddyNeed.”

CBS: Was breastfeeding easy? Did any issues with breastfeeding play a role in your experience with postpartum depression?

TMH: “Breastfeeding was easy for me. During the first two months, breastfeeding was a little dance I had to do with my baby. You also have the inevitable sore nipples and it was painful, but breastfeeding was very enjoyable once my son and I got the hang of it. I loved nursing and Aden loved to nurse. I still nurse him in the mornings and he loves it! I feel great knowing that I’m giving him the best I could possibly give him right now.

I never experienced postpartum depression; I had a fear of having postpartum depression because I was depressed when I was nineteen years old. They say there is a risk and you’re usually a little more vulnerable when you have experienced depression, but I made sure I educated myself about postpartum depression beforehand. I don’t know if it is controversial, but I also made my placenta into pills that I took. I believe that your placenta has all the nutrients you need; all mammals eat their placenta except for humans, but that’s on the rise right now. It is a known fact that taking your placenta pills helps to regulate your hormones. Postpartum depression happens to about 20% of women because your hormones go from being 100% there to 0%, and they are totally out of whack. The placenta pills help regulate that.”

CBS: How is your son Aden doing? What is he doing? Do they enjoy playing with each other yet?

TMH: “Oh my goodness! My son is thriving and growing into a big boy. Aden is seven months old and I am over-the-moon over him. I love him so much! He is very smart and aware, and he already has a little personality.  He’s definitely a little spitfire, I can tell you that. He takes after his mom and dad in that regard. I know he just loves life, because he’s so interested in it. He takes everything in, which he gets from his father; his father is like a sponge. Wherever we go, Aden just soaks everything in. He likes to be held outward and see everything, just like his dad when he was a baby. He also loves to cuddle, which I love.

Aden loves playing with Tia’s son Cree. It’s so much fun to watch Cree and Aden together. You can really see Aden take Cree in and think, “Okay, this is another kid that I see a lot and he’s interested in me.” Cree loves Aden and always tries to help him out when he cries. He’ll say, “Uh-oh! Uh-oh!” and find his pacifier and put it in his mouth. Cree just wants Aden to be happy. I think Aden realizes that and feels the love that his cousin has for him. It is so sweet to see.” 

CBS: What are your greatest rewards of motherhood? What are your biggest challenges? 

TMH: “Oh wow. I think your child teaches you life all over again; you watch them see things for the first time, and it forces you to take notice. We take advantage of the things we see over and over again, because we’ve already seen it. Seeing my son notice his dog for the first time was a truly eye-opening experience. He teaches me to be present.

For me, I think the biggest challenge has to be the sleep deprivation. I am a full-time-working mom, and I already had Mama Brain before I was a mom. Oh my gosh, you should see my sister and I try to have a conversation together. We don’t remember much; we’ll just look at each other with blank stares and say, ‘What were we talking about?’ [laughs] Adding sleep deprivation on top of that is hard. It is hard to find that balance of work and being a mom, and I love my son so much that it’s hard to leave him. That is the biggest challenge.” 

CBS: Do you think that women can REALLY “have it all?” Why or why not?

TMH: “I think women can have it all, but we have to make sacrifices along the way. I don’t think you can have it all without making sacrifices. If you want to be a mom, wife, and businesswoman, you have to accept that you’re not going to be able to be there all the time with your son. What you can do is really make time on the weekend. There is always going to be that push for balance. Yes, you can have it all, but you’re always going to feel like you have to work on things. You’re never going to have it all in the sense that it is never going to be perfect.”

CBS: With Father’s Day around the corner, we have to ask, what makes your hubbies great dads? 

TMH: “My hubby has a lot of patience, and I knew that because he has a lot of patience with me. [laughs] He has so much patience with Aden and will do anything for him and his family. He definitely puts us first, I feel it and I know it.”

CBS: What are some of your favorite ways to spend the summer?

TMH: “My husband and I have a house up in Northern California. We live in the Napa area and we love going wine-tasting. I also enjoy staying at home, relaxing, and spending time at our house up there with each other.

Traveling is huge for us. Aden is a wonderful traveler; he started traveling at six-weeks-old, so he’s definitely a pro now. We like traveling all over; I love Italy, Paris, Dublin, and London.” 

CBS: What’s up next for you?

TMH: “I am joining a Telepictures talk show panel called The Real, which is going to be on Fox. We are basically going to do a View style talk show focusing on hot topics and women’s issues like marriage, kids, you name it.” 

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